So, we’ve practically lived in LA the last month. We did a couple auditions & then Kenzen booked a deal with National Geographic based on his looks alone. The director liked how he looked, green eyes particularly, so she booked him. I know because I ALWAYS ask whoever casted him WHY they chose him. It’s important to know. Why? I am not sure, I just feel like it is important. That makes it so, as far as I am concerned.

The thing with National Geographic was not a big deal in the way of effort on Kenzen’s part. All he had to do was play and look cute while a camera followed him around, and he got PAID FOR THAT!!! It was 2 days of shooting at sunset, so for basically an hour each day. The footage ended up being in a series of short films that promote the TV show Genius. The thing that made this kind of a big deal is that most actors starting out do not get to have a name like NatGeo on their resume. Kenzen got it as his first credit. I thought maybe that was just beginners luck.

Then he booked People Magazine Investigates with Discovery ID. Again, perhaps we just had some beginners luck getting these 2 good names. He is going to be in an episode called Killer In The Family. He plays the younger self of Myles Sachs, whose brother murdered their parents. He didn’t have to say any lines, but he did have to show some emotions. It was more than just playing & looking cute, although there was some of that too. He filmed for 2 days & enjoyed every second of it.

But now he’s booked another one. You’ll know the name soon enough. I am not saying just yet because I am not sure I am committed to the job… I still have an out if I want it.

I’ve stuck to my guns so far that he would not do any roles that were longer than a couple days of filming. He is only 8 years old and I insist that he gets to be himself more than he gets to be somebody else. He would film every day if it were up to him. He loves meeting the people, telling a story, and getting paid. The set teacher asked him how he came to realize he wanted to be an actor. He answered, “It’s the only job I can have at my age & it sounded like a good idea, so I wanted to do it.”

The role he is considering taking right now is in a short film, and he would have speaking lines but not a lot, and it should be just a couple days filming.

We have not sought out a talent agent yet, but one did reach out to us. We will meet with her next week to see what she has in mind.

Kenzen has done several auditions where he didn’t get the part, and he isn’t disappointed or discouraged by it. That makes me happy. This is a hobby for him & that’s a healthy way to look at it right now. He has so much of his mother in him that when he doesn’t get the part, it doesn’t even cross his mind that there’s anything wrong with his audition. He doesn’t beat himself up over it even the slightest bit. He knew going in that 100s of kids try for the same parts, and he can’t win them all. Gotta share the work. So he moves on to the next one and continues doing what he does every day: exercise & watch for any improvements towards the 6 pack abs he wants.

That is all for this update. I am a tired mom, this little boy is keeping me busy. There IS lots more I could say, but it’ll have to wait. I wanna watch TV. I haven’t done that in SO LONG it seems.



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