“Hollywood, Hollywood, come & get me Hollywood!” Yes, you absolutely SHOULD say that the way Hollywood says it in Mannequin.

Intro: Hi. I am Teralyn. Mother of a child actor. Well… I mean he’s an actor, but we’re seeing about getting him paid to do it. This is HIS goal, this is HIS idea, and because we are from a line seeming to be full of entertainers, I am taking him seriously about it. Clearly, something wild is running through the bloodline. If he doesn’t make it big, it won’t be because mom was not supportive.

Kenzen is 8. Is that a little young to know exactly what he wants? Maybe for some kids, but not Kenzen. He’s known his calling for a very long time. But, in the last 6 months, he’s talked about it a lot & put his heart & soul into learning skills that will make him be a better actor. His ultimate dream: To be an actor in a superhero movie, or something with dragons. You have to have a goal, and that is his. This goal may change over time, because that’s what humans do, we move the target. For now, we’re working towards super hero status. Kenzen wants to be The One to tell the story. The one with the responsibility of a role model for the next generation. Many actors stumble into that role just by auditioning for things & getting the job, but Kenzen is summoning it.

He is currently home schooled and it will probably stay that way. It gives him more time to be a boy, to discover himself, his interests and the world on his own terms. He has been to public school, K-2 & he’s had enough of that for now. He would rather be working towards skills for Hollywood, when it comes to get us.

Right now, he spends his time this way, in this order: wake up> wake mom up > drag mom out of bed in her PJs to the depths of the backyard with her camera > shoot bow & arrow while mom films in Slo Mo > watch each shot to observe how smooth the arrow met its target > eat breakfast > go to ninja warrior training deck in the backyard > does pull-ups, climbs his ropes, jumps on his trampoline > brainstorms which piece he wants to add to his obstacle course next > repeats is ninja circuit 7 or 8 times > show mom belly & ask if she sees the abs yet. Only then does he come in to do school work. After that, he is hungry for lunch. Of course, now he’s rested & he is ready to go shoot arrows again. Soon as his dad gets home, he practices Eskrima, which his dad teaches him. He needs this skill because a hero needs to know how to fight using ANYTHING, ANYWHERE & Eskrima is just the thing for that. It happens to be the same style The Arrow (Stephen Amell) uses, which is one of Kenzen’s favorite heroes. He also loves the Flash (Grant Gustin), which reminds me, in addition to his daily routine, about 3 times a week he gets me to take him running.

He will, on occasion, do yoga with me, but only because there’s the chance that he will see me fall. I have this ball I use, and just yesterday he nearly peed himself laughing at me as I flopped right over the thing & fell on my face while trying to hold a plank position on the ball. Glad I could provide his comic relief!

His other inspirations are: Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America and the TV series Merlin. He does love magic as much as any other supernatural ability.

Kenzen would also like to be as funny as Jim Carrey. Will will be doing videos of his favorite impressions of Jim Carrey and uploading them to his new YouTube, I haven’t set up that channel yet, I am stalling, I know. I am sure he will find many other things to upload too, like any time he can do one more pull up than he did the day before it will warrant a new video.

So that is our story. Some other things I can say is that I have 4 sons, Kenzen is the youngest. Only one of his brothers is open to doing TV, which takes 2nd fiddle to NFL dreams. His dad is a Real Estate Agent. We live in Central California. Hollywood is a 5 hour drive for us. We do not particularly want to love in Hollywood, ever, but my recent trip there did go pretty well. I fell in love with Runyon Park, even though I got locked in it. Apparently they don’t check for hikers before they lock the gates. At nearly 40 years old, I leaped a 10 foot fence & rescued myself because the park ranger line was busy indefinitely. Sometimes, you just have to be your own hero.



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